Thank you for stopping by! We are currently SOLD OUT of product.

RYB Denim

Thank you for visiting

Due to circumstances beyond our control, RYB Denim Inc has halted all production until further notice. We hope to pick up again, or to join a company wanting to expand their product base, but for now we are SOLD OUT of everything. 

We want to thank those who participated in our final sale. We are grateful to report a donation of $1000 to Black Lives Matter and to the Native Women's Association of Canada, each, in an effort to be active ally. 

It is important to support what small businesses you can in these times, we can't say THANK YOU enough for visiting our site, supporting small business online or in your own communities, and telling your friends and families about the benefits of doing so. Keep doing the good work out there and we will too! 

Please feel free to email if you want updates on production in the future, or follow our social media. Blessings and Ride Your Bike!